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how to grow sour diesel weed

How to grow sour diesel weed

Indoor/outdoor: Sour Diesel fills indoor space rapidly, making it a better choice for outdoor or greenhouse gardens where it will have more room to stretch. Because it is a late finisher, you’ll also want to feel confident that the climate in your region will remain fair into late October/November if grown outside.

Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks

Climate: Mild to warm climate preferred, with temperatures between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grow difficulty: Moderate to hard

Strain overview: Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. A legendary strain on the East Coast, it’s known for its unique pungent diesel aroma. Also noted for its cerebral and energizing qualities, Sour Diesel has carved out a place for itself among the most celebrated strains of all time.

Yield: Moderate. If you can control the stretching and feed the plant accordingly, heavier yields are possible.

Grow techniques: Being sativa-dominant, this strain tends to grow lanky and tall. It is known to stretch multiple times while flowering, making it difficult to manage. To grow successfully, you must be dedicated to pruning, training, and topping to keep this plant from getting out of control. If growing indoors, consider sticking to soil to help steady the growth of the plant.

Feeding: Sour Diesel is a hungry plant that grows vigorously. It takes heavy feeding all the way through its flowering cycle for the buds to reach their potential. Feed plants with finishing nutrients to help the sativa buds put on structure and dense up before the final flush.

How to grow sour diesel weed

So you should have in mind what you aim for and know how to do it, always checking and adjusting your growing environment to allow your plant to recover as fast as it can because when plants are stressed, they can take a couple of days to fully recover and continue growing.

The buds also develop a thick layer of trichomes all over, and if you think the aroma is strong, wait until you feel the effect.

Week 4 – Vegetative stage

Now, if you can’t afford a good carbon filter, you can buy odor neutralizers that will mask the smell a bit, just have in mind that it won’t eliminate the smell, so it won’t be as effective as a carbon filter.

Remember that during the drying process, the smell can be even stronger than during the flowering stage so make sure you have a way to mask the smell such as an odor neutralizer or a carbon filter with an exhaust fan on low, this way you don’t risk getting in trouble.

2. Specifications

So, if it’s your first time growing cannabis, you should keep the relative humidity around 90% and the temperature between 18-25°C, once your seedling has come out of the soil, you can keep the same temperature and the humidity a bit lower, around 65-70%.