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how to grow weed in florida outdoors

Many soil brands have some nutrients to get you through the first month or two. Some also have additional time released fertilizers that can feed for several more months. These have their dark side too. The name "Time Released" should say "Water Released" because most of these type ferts are released when the soil is watered. This can be ok if the area well drained. However, if the area needs watered frequently, you could be over fertilizing the plants, or just washing the fert right through the soil. I like to mix some time release fert in the soil, but at low doses, to give the plants some light feeding for awhile. Mainly to last through the vegetative phase. After that I tend to use a flowering fert, and occasionally throw some time-release on the top of the ground when I know I will not be in the area for awhile. I prefer to use Organic nutrients as opposed to chemical fertilizers. This allows us to do our part in keeping pollutants out of nature and generally gives the best finished product.

The Site of the Guerilla grow is very important. Several things must be taken in account. Security, Sunshine, Soil, and water.

It is a good Idea to return to your plot after heavy rains during flowering to shake excess water off of the plant. This helps to reduce mold and rot that can destroy crops. You can also check to see how the soil is draining. You may also need to do some cleaning around the area. Pick up any debris that may have fallen on your plant or fencing.

When to harvest varies from grower to grower. You can carry a pocket microscope out to the plot and check the trichomes for the percentage of clear to cloudy to amber trichomes if you like. What myself and some others prefer to do is just keep a close watch on the plants toward the end of the cycle. The buds will have a "finished" look about them. and look at the buds and sugar leaves in the sun. When they have a golden/amber sparkle about them, it tells you that trichs are turning amber and it is time to harvest. I like to harvest after a couple days w/o rain and late in the afternoon, to ensure the buds are fairly dry and will not start growing mold before you can get home and hang them up to dry.

Living in one of the most populated states in the country, it can get difficult to find a secret place well away from prying eyes. A good rule is to walk atleast 30 minutes from any well established trails. This gives you some peace of mind in ensuring nobody stumbles upon your grow accidentally. You should also follow common Guerilla techniques. Do not take a straight line to your grow. Do your best not to leave any trails or evidence for other to follow you to the grow site, and as always DO NOT speak of your grow to anyone that doesn’t absolutely need to know about it! You may enlist the help of 1 close friend to help. If word about the grow gets out, you know who to go to.

How to grow weed in florida outdoors

It’s important to remember that cultivating even one cannabis plant for personal consumption is felony on the federal level and punishable by up to five years in prison. Meanwhile, four US states — Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Oregon — have passed local amendments, allowing citizens who are 21 years old and over to grow a limited number of plants without fear of persecution.

Foster the right growing environment.

Relative humidity: 30 to 45 percent. “If you live somewhere humid, you’re probably going to want to buy a dehumidifier,” said Lipton. “In Boulder, we sometimes have to add humidity.” At home, that can be done with a reliable humidifier.

Plant and maintain the vegetative cycle until the plant is mature.

For some people, cannabis cultivation is a hobby. Others a life-long passion. But it’s unique in its vast demographic appeal. “Everyone I know grows,” Lipton said. “There are people in their 20s doing it. I know people in their 60s. It’s a fun thing for people. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” Here are Lipton’s tips on growing your first plant.