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how to grow weed outdoors in oregon

How to grow weed outdoors in oregon

Once the daylight changes to 12 hours of light a day and 12 hours of darkness, it will begin its flowering stage. This is the stage in which your plant begins to produce flower. Depending on the strain of your plant, it typically takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to finish flowering.

It is typically safe to plant as many as four cannabis plants in a single square meter of land. Keep in mind, however, that this depends on the strain you choose. For example, if you are growing a strain that will grow tall and wide like a sativa, you should limit yourself to two plants in every square meter. Also and most importantly, consider local laws. In Oregon, every household is allowed to grow up to 4 plants recreationally.

Flowering Stage

Growing plants outdoors is the most natural and least expensive way to grow cannabis. You could get away with just buying the plants, pots, if you choose to use them, and some nutrients for your existing soil, although purchasing high-quality soil would likely produce better results.

Plants grown outdoors are constantly exposed to various elements. This includes the environment, weather, pests and animals, which has a big effect on the final results of the cannabis flower. There is also the chance the entire grow can be completely destroyed because of the outdoor elements.

Spacing and Training of Plants Outside

You will have to time it properly to grow your plants to their full potential within the outdoor growing season. In most of Oregon we get one season each year, so it’s important to get started as early as possible or grow larger teen plants further along in the season.

“Marijuana cultivator” means a medical marijuana grower, recreational marijuana homegrower, patient, and any landlord or property owner allowing marijuana to be cultivated, dried, produced, processed, kept or stored at a premises.

8.45.020 Definitions.

“Marijuana” means all parts of the plant Cannabis family Moraceae, including, but not limited to, its dried leaves and flowers, and any marijuana products derived therefrom. The term includes any and all homegrown marijuana, medical marijuana and marijuana products as defined in this section.

8.45.030 Homegrown and medical marijuana subject to regulation.

1. Such cultivation, production, processing, or possession of marijuana must be in full compliance with all applicable provisions of OMMA and M. 91;