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how to grow weed reddit

How to grow weed reddit

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Budget grow update: for some of you who are tight on money. Get out there and be creative. I grew this in a fucking box.


How to grow weed reddit

Hi, I’ve been smoking cannabis now for a good few years and the only negatives I’ve ever found with it is the cost and hanging on a street corner like a junkie waiting to pick up from a dealer!

I’ve recently been thinking about having my own crop for personal use because in the long run I think it’s gonna save me a load of money and I’d also really enjoy the experience of cultivating my own cannabis. I’m also working full time, which I’m guessing will be needed to take into consideration when giving me advice (?)

There are a couple places in my house I could potentially grow but wouldn’t want to be caught out by neighbours smelling it or something stupid like snow not settling on my roof due to the heat. The obvious place I guess, is up in the attic/loft, which isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t stink out my house; I live with my non-smoking partner and my part-time smoking toddler (that’s a joke..). And the other place is my brick shed out the back, which would be ideal but it’s joined with my neighbours’ shed and I wouldn’t want to stink it out because they’re a really nice elderly couple. I’d also potentially be able to grow in a cupboard in the house but that’s probably my least place as I’d prefer to keep it away from my partner and son.