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how to grow weeds at home indoor youtube

How to grow weeds at home indoor youtube

We specifically chose these videos because they answer some of the most common questions we receive at, and we found the content to be exceptional!

1.) How to Grow Marijuana Indoors – Beginning to End

This method works great for marijuana. Remember, marijuana seeds should NOT get light during the germination process. If you don’t want to use plastic sandwich bags, you can use the exact same method, but place the paper towels between 2 plates.

Bonus Germination Video (less than 3 minutes!)

“How to F.I.M and Top Your Marijuana Plant” by Grow420Guide

How to grow weeds at home indoor youtube

To increase the number of buds, Taylor recommends removing some leaves to increase light penetration.

Then, when the plant grows, it’s ready for the flowering stage. To get the plant to flower, you essentially need to have 12 hours of lights on, 12 hours of complete darkness. After eight weeks of doing this, then you start getting buds, which is the holy grail of this whole process.

Canada has officially legalized recreational marijuana and that means some provinces will allow for home grows.

The same thing applies here. You want the soil to be nice and loose so the roots have breathing room, she added. Once the plant is in, cover the bottom of the stem with a bit of moist medium and let it grow there for about two weeks.

So then, when do you know when the buds are ready to be cut off? “ A rough rule of thumb that I’ve heard is about three weeks after the hairs (pistols) start turning brown. Then the bud will be mature,” Taylor says.

Then when the roots have completely made it to the bottom of the tray, it’s time to move the plant to a larger one, at about two gallons big. Master grower Rebecca Phillips recommends using coconut coir, a growing medium for hydroponic and indoor use.

Then there’s the propagation part. For this stage you’re going to need lights. You can buy T5 fixtures with simple fluorescent bulbs. At this point, they need a minimum of 16 hours of light a day. Make sure not to give it less light, because it can go into flowering mode, Ryan Masfrankc says.

So you add the moist soil in the pot, create space for the clone plant and put the soil around the roots.

As of now, the federal government set a limit of four plants per household and most provinces and territories followed that advice except for Quebec and Manitoba, which banned home growing all together.