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how to grow weeds for tortoise

Some things to consider:

also i have a pendant light hanging above my sink with a uv compact florescent bulb in it (the pendant light couldn’t take the wattage for a trex bulb lol!) and i’ve got some plants lined up under that behind my sink, they grow fabulously as well. another idea is if you have a spare bathroom, fill that lighting fixture up with florescent bulbs and grow some stuff on the counter top in there.

3) Water once or twice a week and they will grow.

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Thanks in advance!

Coir has been found to contain chemicals that stunt and prevent plant growth as it decays. I know it is used by some to grow orchids and other plants, but it is not really suitable for weeds that are used to a complex mixture of soil components.
Peat Moss is too acidic to be used alone and weeds would best be grown in soil with some clay and loam as is found in the North East of the US. Seedlings will sprout and do ok for a ime in seed starting mix, but I would consider mixing in a bit of lyme to any bagged potting mixes used. this is needed by most weeds and is what contributes to the available calcium available to the torts that eat the plant.

Its basic hydroponics. Depending on the size of setup you want, it can be pretty pricey for the equipment. You need a full-spectrum grow light (im using a 400W HPS bulb, around $80) a ballast to run the light (I paid $350 for mine) a socket/hood for the light (around $100),seed starter trays, an air pump (like the ones in aquariums) to provide oxygen to the roots, a nutrient solution, light and pump timers, growing medium such as vermiculite or rockwool, etc etc. There are MANY different ways of doing it, I am using the Aeroponics method, in which the plants are suspended in net pots in holes cut in the lid (in a rubbermaid bin or similar) and the roots hang down inside the container. There is a PVC pipe assembly that I built with little spray heads to spray the roots with water/nutrient mix for 30 seconds every 5 minutes, and a submersible pump inside to pump the water through the PVC/sprayers. Anything that the roots dont absorb falls to the bottom of the rubbermaid, to be pumped through again.

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Hydroponics is not ideal for growing tortoise food, because of the artificial fertilizers that are used to make the plants grow in the absence of soil. Most organic options are not condusive to indoor growing due to smell and/or performance issues.

Plants need 3 things to grow; soil, light, and water. I think you were lacking two. Here are my suggestions.

How to grow weeds for tortoise

If you’ve ever wondered if there are ways to store your produce for longer, so that you’ve got a steady supply to keep feeding your tortoise when the plants and weeds aren’t thriving, there are a couple of things you can try. Freezing, refrigerating, or drying out plants are all options, although of course nothing beats fresh produce.

Growing Weeds

One such method that seems logical enough is to freeze surplus weeds and plants and defrost them at a later date.

Drying Weeds

There are several methods people use to grow weeds, from a simple plant pot on the window sill that you give a little water to very day, to a dedicated tray in your greenhouse, to simply planting additional weeds in your tortoise’s enclosure either outdoors, or indoors within a dedicated part of the substrate in your tortoise table.