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how to hide the smell of growing weed indoors

How to hide the smell of growing weed indoors

A decent ozone generator is the Uvonair generator, which uses a diffusor crown to produce ozone; you’ll need to replace it every now and then. Like every other ozone generator on the market, you’ll need to place it right before your extractor fan outlet. It should have at least 5m of ducting in front for it to work properly. In order to avoid issues with ozone leaks, we recommend using a non-return valve in between the extraction fan and the ozone generator. Place your intake fan on the opposite side to the extractor, down low.

Ozone generators are some of the most effective devices when it comes to getting rid of the smell of cannabis in grow rooms. They’re capable of destroying odor particles one by one, as well as any type of fungi or bacteria in the environment. When used, you need to take extreme care and make sure that no ozone gets out of its contained area in your ducting; it’s incredibly devastating for your plants and even for people.

When it comes to getting rid of pungent aromas, you’ll need to pick your preferred method or system; each method has its own pros and cons, which is why it’s a good idea to test them out and then maybe combine two of them for the best possible results – your weed won’t be stinking up anywhere any time soon if you follow our advice. The largest difference between these methods tends to be how pricey they are, which is why it’s a good idea to combine more than one method at a time.

The Neutralizer is one of the best odor neutralizers that we stock. It’s made from various different essential oils from aromatic plants and it modifies cannabis odor particles perfectly, capable of covering large areas effectively. It does not affect your plants’ aroma and it’s perfectly fine to breathe in.

Activated carbon filters

Odor Filter + Two Gels; This method involves installing a metal activated carbon filter in your ducting system and using two gels for extra precaution; one at the entrance to your house and another inside the ducting right before your extractor fan.

Before you actually start growing cannabis indoors you’ll need to make sure that air gets in and out exactly where it’s supposed to; any leaks would be disastrous and would defeat the point of hiding the smell. Once you’ve checked everything and set up your filtration system (which needs to be strong enough to filter the amount of air in your grow tent or room) you need to make sure that your extractor and air intake system is creating negative pressure, which makes sure that all of the air inside the tent or room will be sucked out via your extractor fan rather than leaking out anywhere else.

ONA gel products can be used inside cannabis grow rooms or tents without damaging the plants at all. These products are generally used to back-up carbon filters by placing them inside your ducting. They’re also used to camouflage the aroma when drying cannabis or for areas near your grow room like the hall or your garage. You can also acquire sprayers and the like so that you get the absolute most out of it.

Odor neutralizers

When growing cannabis indoors it can seem like a losing battle when it comes to hiding the smell. Cannabis plants let off intensely pungent aromas when flowering, and these aromas can filter out and end up stinking up your entire building; in some cases it may even end up sticking up the block next to you too. This can obviously lead to issues with the law, as well as opportunistic thieves that want to get their hands on your plants. That’s why you need to know the best tips and tricks regarding how to hide the smell of growing weed indoors.

If you want to make your grow as discreet as possible you’ll need to set up a decent air filtration system, as well as some sort of anti-odor method that covers, gets rid of or filters the smell of cannabis. We’re going to give you a run-down of some of the best methods that you can use to hide the smell of cannabis plants indoors, which can save you a lot of grief in the future.

How to hide the smell of growing weed indoors

These are some of the anti smells you can have, to hide the smell of your indoor cultivation of cannabis.

There are several methods of masking the smell of cannabis, ranging from the most inexpensive and homemade tricks to using products that have been manufactured exclusively for this purpose.

Negative ions provide electrical charges to the air molecules completely neutralizing all odors that are in the air at that time, so when mixed with the molecules of the smell of marijuana, negative ions neutralize them in the instant, preventing the smell of cannabis is dispersed around.

Active carbon filters

Aromatic plants: It is always an option to plant around your cannabis plantation, plants that give off natural odors and help camouflage the smell that give off cannabis plants, some options that serve can be peppermint or thyme plants, as the aroma they give off to the air is strong and pleasant.

Incense and aromatic candles: It could be said that it is the most used technique, is something that the cultivators of marijuana usually have available in their house and for that reason they resort with more frequency, but have very present that the use of incense and aromatic candles, does not remove the smell of marijuana if not that the scents are mixed and therefore, instead of eliminating the smell of marijuana, what is usually achieved is a mixture of smells that can be even more cantoso than cannabis plants, not to say that incense and candles are worn faster than vinegar or lemons and we have to be more vigilant to change them.

Homemade methods of concealing the smell of marijuana

The cannabis gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience, especially if you decide to do an indoor cultivation, and live in a community of neighbors, as is usually the case. Then eliminate the smell of marijuana is really vital, to avoid being betrayed by the smell of your neighbors, (which will undoubtedly bother) and receive an unexpected visit from law enforcement authorities.

HEPA filters do not completely eliminate the smell of cannabis so they need a support, they must be used with another method. HEPA filters are most commonly used for the removal of allergens and other pollutants contained in the air.