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how to keep weeds from growing through mulch

How to keep weeds from growing through mulch

Before moving any further, it’s going to be wise to try to remove the weeds that are in your garden area completely. If you just place mulch over the top of your weeds without putting any effort into things, then you’re not going to get the best results.

Ensure That You Remove Weeds Completely

You just need to cut “X” shapes in the barrier that will allow your plants to grow through everything. Strategically cut these “X” shapes into the barrier so that all of your plants will be able to poke through the holes.

Make Use of a Weed Barrier Underneath Your Mulch

You might be worried about your plants and whether this barrier will negatively impact them. It’s easy to take steps to allow your plants to grow through this barrier.

How to keep weeds from growing through mulch

We all know how tenacious weeds can be. They thrive on the very same things your garden does: sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil. Weeds take pretty much any opportunity to grow and aren’t picky about where they take root. As plant-based mulch decomposes, it provides an attractive, nutrient-rich environment for weeds to take root.

Why Do Weeds Grow In Mulch?

Here are a few strategies for preventing weeds from popping up in your mulch:

What’s the Best Mulch to Prevent Weeds?

For flower beds and landscaping, we like a chipped or shredded bark mulch with a relatively coarse texture. It decomposes relatively slowly and doesn’t blow away so it can do its job and keep sunlight from reaching the soil. Inorganic mulch (like stones or gravel) does an excellent job of preventing weed growth. However, it doesn’t offer the soil-improving benefits of organic mulch.