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how to legally grow marijuana in florida

The measure would amend Section 29(b) of Article X of the Florida Constitution. The following underlined text would be added: [2]

Ballot summary

After the 2019 changes, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg (R) issued a statement, wherein he argued all forms of CBD oil, apart from Epidiolex, were illegal under state law. [9] Several state’s attorneys expressed disagreement with the Attorney General’s statements. Aaron McGown and Tom Wollman, state’s attorneys for Minnehaha and Lincoln counties, respectively, issued a joint statement where they said the discrepancy left legality open to differing interpretations. Mark Vargo, the Pennington County state’s attorney, said his office would not prosecute CBD cases based on his interpretation of the state law. [8]

Medical marijuana in the United States

The measure would amend Amendment 2 (2016), which legalized medical marijuana in Florida, to redefine “medical use” under the measure to include growing up to nine marijuana plants. The measure would also add a definition for “marijuana plant.” [1]

How to legally grow marijuana in florida

And, on Apr 27, 2020, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services launched the state’s online Hemp Cultivation Licensing Portal, allowing the public to apply for licenses to grow. Note that growing medicinal marijuana at home is illegal in Florida as of yet, but the state does allow you to apply for your hemp cultivation license, which means it will have to be controlled and on a large-scale.

Before Applying for a Permit, Prepare…

Be on the lookout for communications from FDACS. Once you apply, the agency will start reviewing the application and contact you with updates. If it is complete and no further information is needed, you will receive an email with your license to grow cannabis.

The Cost of a Commercial Growing License in Florida

In 2016, when Florida legalized marijuana, marijuana growing operations were officially stamped as being part of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Thus, to have started growing marijuana in Florida on a large-scale, or any scale, you must have also opened a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. (MMTC). It’s safe to say that to obtain a license to grow cannabis in Florida comes with a fair share of diligence, honesty and paperwork.