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how to legally grow medical weed in missouri

Patients can cultivate up to six (6) female flowering marijuana plants, six male plants and six clones at a time. Two patients can grow in the same facility. They are limited to twelve (12) female flowering plants, twelve male plants and twelve clones.

Qualifying patients are not allowed to grow medical marijuana for other patients and non-patients, unless you are a licensed caregiver to that patient.

Rule Two: Number of Plants

Here is an example of what you could write for an indoor application:

Rule Three: Growing Restrictions

“I verify that the outdoor cultivation space is located at the address below. The location is enclosed in a steel shed, surrounded on all sides by secure, locked chain-link fencing. This fencing cannot be accessed from the top, or dug up from the ground as the fencing is affixed to the ground. The plants are not visible to anyone from outside the cultivation space, at eye level or even when elevated. The facility is equipped with security cameras and Smith steel a combination lock (combination 1-2-3). Only myself, the qualifying patient, can access this facility. Only myself, the qualifying patient, can see, view and tend to the plants inside the cultivation space. This space is locked and secure, not visible to anyone but the qualifying patient.”

How to legally grow medical weed in missouri

Let’s look at Missouri marijuana laws, how to apply to grow medical marijuana, and how to grow cannabis at home.

Here’s What to Know:

According to Article XIV:

Where and How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors in Missouri

Bearing in mind that your cultivation license expires at the same time as your qualifying patient or caregiver medical marijuana card, it’s best to apply for or renew your cultivation license around the same time as your MMJ card. In doing so, you get to maximize the usage of your Missouri cultivation license and medical card.