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how to remove weeds growing between pavers

How to remove weeds growing between pavers

Weedkiller: White vinegar’s high acidity is ideal for targeting weeds and removing them for good (Image: GETTY)

This method can be repeated every four to six weeks.


Weedkiller: Adding in salt and washing up liquid will tackle the weeds quickly, with results potentially seen within an hour (Image: GETTY)


Finally, either with a hose or bucket, wash your patio down with water.

How to remove weeds growing between pavers

So I turned the tables and rather than recommend methods of getting rid of weeds between pavers without trying them, I rejected certain methods without trying them. You’ll see my logic in a minute.

If you hire a contractor to build a new patio, make sure that there’s adequate drainage and pavers are fitted tightly together.

My method of choice was … wait for it …. boiling water!