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how to stop my weed plant from growing taller

How to stop my weed plant from growing taller

Reduce Number of Light Hours Per Day

If you're getting caught up with a growing problem like bugs or a nutrient deficiency, or if life starts getting really busy, it can be easy to lose track of your plant's height. Next thing you know, your plants have overgrown their entire space!

You want to avoid keeping grow lights too close to avoid burning, but it's just as important to avoid keeping them too far away. When grow lights are kept too far away, plants tend to grow long and stretchy as they "search" for the light, which can cause them to grow far taller than they need. How far to keep grow lights from the top of your plants.

How to Help Too-Tall Cannabis Plants

This method involves reducing plant to half the final desired height via pruning, then change to the flowering stage within the week by putting your grow lights on a 12/12 light schedule. Plants can double in size (or more!) after the switch to 12/12 so you want to start flowering as soon as possible if you're already worried about height in the vegetative stage! Learn more about light schedules and the flowering stretch (how much a plant grows after entering the flowering stage).

By just holding on and doing his best, the grower was able to produce an amazing harvest!

How to Prevent Plants from Getting Too Tall

315W LEC grow lights are kept about 18" from the tops of plants. This style of grow light has recently become increasingly popular for marijuana growers.

Some grow lights let you reduce the power, which lowers the light intensity and causes the grow light to run cooler. This can be useful during a heat wave or if plants get too tall!

How to stop my weed plant from growing taller

Having a humidity level that is too high is a problem, a big problem.

It’s an issue because you cannot just remove lights, as of course, your pot plants need lights, but on the other hand, if you leave the lights in, especially at the distance from the plants which they are at, and the intensity which they are putting out, you will burn and cripple your plant.

The other solution, or at least partial solution to this problem, is to use a grow net to curb upward growth.

5. Humidity & Temperature Issues

Since weed plants grow towards light, it will cause them to grow outwards in width, as opposed to just growing upwards in height.

However, you cannot just feed it twice the nutrients, as you will cause nutrient burn. The end result is a subpar end product that is not nearly as potent as it could have otherwise been.

4. You Can End Up Burning Your Plants With The Lights

Sure, some weed plants can grow really tall due to other issues, such as with lighting or the amount of time you let it veg for.

The added benefit here is that you create a wider canopy which allows more light to get to the plant.