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how to stop weed growing in garden

How to stop weed growing in garden

Most weeds are easy to eradicate if spotted early enough and can be controlled without the use of chemicals.

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A weed is technically just a plant in the wrong place. It could be an unwanted seedling from another plant, or something more pernicious and invasive that you really want to eradicate. However, while you’ll never be able to completely stop weeds from popping up, there are ways to ensure they have less places to grow.

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Bare patches of soil will quickly be colonised by both annual and perennial weeds, so a well-stocked border is less likely to support a thriving population of these pesky plants. If you have gaps in your borders, plug them by planting ground covering plants.

How to stop weed growing in garden

I believe everyone can grow at least part of their own food! Let me show you how.

If you are checking your garden every day or two, it’s really not a big chore to pull a weed or two. If you pull them when they are small, it’s easy peasy.

Road base is not a good idea as it has undesirable chemicals in it and gravel often changes the PH. An organic mulch is a much better choice. If you try a few precautions before you plant, and then mulch you have a much better chance of staying ahead of the weeds.

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One great way to use this I learned when I read the book The Market Gardener. Prepare your garden, water it well, plant your seeds and before any can sprout, go over it with the flame weeder. That will get rid of all the weeds and give your new seedlings a head start.

Our plot is 40 X 30 … so, it is rather large. And you’re correct. . . I have heaps of amending and composting in my future. Since we just got the house, we didn’t have any available compost to use this year and we just didn’t have the time or money to truck in the black gold! I hope to have some compost ready for the fall/winter garden. I think it will take a few years for us to get our soil in a good place . . . I had the soil tested through Texas A&M and the results were better than I expected!

Weeding Is Easier With The Right Tools.

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Well there are lots of options. If one doesn’t work for you, the next one might be better. Nothing is perfect, but these help A LOT!