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how to stop weed plant from growing tall

How to stop weed plant from growing tall

There are many reasons why you should try to fix the issue of tall and skinny plants. Letting the plants grow without fixing the root cause of the growth problems can result in even more issues down the road.

Why is my weed plant growing tall and skinny? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions by new cannabis growers. Tall and skinny plants, especially indoors, can pose a problem down the line. Unfortunately, there are many possible causes of the unusual height and thickness of your plants.

If you’re growing tall and skinny plants, there is still hope for your crop. Consider every one of the root causes and try out a few solutions listed above. Tall and skinny plants are only one of the many possible problems that can pop up along the way. Cannabis Training University can prepare you to troubleshoot nearly every issue with ease.

How to Stop a Plant From Growing Tall and Skinny

Now that you know the possible causes and issues that can stem from excessive vertical growth, let’s discuss the solutions. Here are a few ways to keep your plants from stretching too far and growing weak and thin stems.

From not having the right cannabis lighting set-up to keeping the plants in the vegetative stage for too long, the cause of your plant’s growth spurt can be difficult to determine. If you’re having difficulty troubleshooting your stretching problem, our beginner’s cultivation guide goes through all the possible causes and solutions to your growing pains.

Why Is My Weed Plant Growing Tall and Skinny?

As a new cannabis grower, it can be frustrating when your plants don’t look like the images you see online of bushy and vigorous-looking plants. There’s no clear-cut answer as to why plants grow tall and skinny. Consider every one of the following causes to determine if any specific one is the reason for your lanky plants.

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The line between topping and pruning can be a little hazy. Topping is cutting off the main stalk of a weed plant to force it to grow more bushy, which will allow it to yield more and be healthier. Pruning is removing marijuana leaves and branches that are dead or won’t receive much light so that a weed plant can focus its energies on producing buds in other areas.

Why is topping marijuana necessary?

From this point until the beginning of flowering, you can actively prune your plants. Once into the flowering phase, you want to cease pruning, as it can diminish the size and quality of your buds.

Why prune marijuana plants?

Keep your clippers/scissors sharp and make clean snips—this will keep the plant healthy and prevent infection and damage. Quality buds grow where the plant receives a lot of sunlight and airflow, particularly at the top of the plant. You’ll want to: