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how to stop weeds from growing in garden

How to stop weeds from growing in garden

Most weeds are easy to eradicate if spotted early enough and can be controlled without the use of chemicals.

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A weed is technically just a plant in the wrong place. It could be an unwanted seedling from another plant, or something more pernicious and invasive that you really want to eradicate. However, while you’ll never be able to completely stop weeds from popping up, there are ways to ensure they have less places to grow.

About weeds

Bare patches of soil will quickly be colonised by both annual and perennial weeds, so a well-stocked border is less likely to support a thriving population of these pesky plants. If you have gaps in your borders, plug them by planting ground covering plants.

How to stop weeds from growing in garden

Over time, tilling breaks down the soil structure. In the process, it eliminates air channels in the soil that actually help provide the air, water and nutrient your plants need to survive and thrive.

Keeping weeds out of the walking and growing rows is just as important to the health of your garden as it is the look.

#1 – Stop Tilling And Digging In The Spring

Our test gardens here at Old World Garden farms are a testament to that fact. Many visitors to the farm are surprised we spend an extremely small portion of our time keeping the 40 x 60 vegetable garden weed free. As in less than 5 minutes a day in the summer!

Remember tip # 1 about digging and tilling? Well, the same goes for digging and disturbing the soil in your garden during the season. Plain and simple, it causes more weeds than it eliminates.

#2 Eliminate Bare Soil – How To Eliminate Weeds

It immediately looks great again and stays that way for weeks. It’s so much quicker and better than tilling up that soil between your rows. And it is a win-win with way less work for sure! See : How To Use Mulch In The Garden

How to stop weeds from growing in garden

Taproot – some weeds have a long center root, a bit like a carrot. It has smaller roots growing off from it. If you break off the root at or near ground level it will often just grow right back. You need to try to get the whole root out. A dandelion is a good example of this type of weed.

Organic Weed Control Plan.

Just make sure you cut or till it before it goes to seed or some of them can become as bad a weed as your other weeds. Another option is to let your chickens or ducks in to eat the cover crop and get some added fertilizer.

Weeding Is Easier With The Right Tools.

Ugghh I really hate weeds in our garden and I’m starting to lose hope if I can still get rid of it. Good thing that I saw this post and learned a lot from it. Thank you!