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how to stop weeds growing in concrete cracks

Note: if you live in a cold climate, you may note be able to seal every crack. Seams and edges between slabs are there on purpose to let the concrete expand and contract during temperature changes. Sealing these cracks can lead to more, worse cracks appearing over the spring thaw.

Finally, if nothing else has worked, you can use heavy-duty weed removers. There are several weed removers that linger for months or years where they’re sprayed. “Extended release” or “year-long” guarantees are a good clue that you have something that will stick around.

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How to Prevent Weeds from Growing Back

The most immediately effective weed solution is glyphosate, which is the main ingredient in RoundUp. Of the commercial weed solutions, glyphosate is the safest. It’s also one of the most indiscriminate – it will remove any plant it touches. This includes your lawn and garden plants.

If removing the weeds doesn’t work, you can try chemical warfare. One organic trick is to use standard kitchen white vinegar as a weed solution. Vinegar removes most weeds through acidifying and destroying their roots.

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Weeds leave your driveway and sidewalks looking a little ragged. Luckily, removing them can be simpler than you’d think.

How to stop weeds growing in concrete cracks

Kathleen Connolly has been an advanced master gardener and accredited organic lawn care professional for over 30 years. She specializes in lawn care, horticulture, and landscape design. Kathleen earned a Master's Degree in Landscape Planning and Design and Sustainable Land Use Planning and Design.

When to Kill Pavement Weeds

You will quickly recognize that various weeds have their favorite seasons, and are vulnerable to different control methods. The damp spring might be best suited to plucking weeds by hand, while during the dry months of late summer, chemical herbicides might be the better strategy.

Before Getting Started

Grasses and weeds growing out of pavement cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and patios is a common annoyance. Sometimes it seems as though these unwanted plants grow even better in tiny pavement crevices than they do in the lawn and garden. This defies all logic since pavement surfaces are brutally hot and dry places where you might think that nothing could survive. But not only do these tenacious grasses and weeds survive, they alsoseem to positively thrive in this no man’s land of blistering hot pavement.