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how to stop weeds growing through concrete

How to stop weeds growing through concrete

The reality is that pavement weed control is an ongoing landscaping maintenance task for homeowners, but the work is easier if you have a variety of workable strategies to choose from.

The Spruce / Jayme Burrows

When to Kill Pavement Weeds

The Spruce / Jayme Burrows

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Kathleen Connolly has been an advanced master gardener and accredited organic lawn care professional for over 30 years. She specializes in lawn care, horticulture, and landscape design. Kathleen earned a Master's Degree in Landscape Planning and Design and Sustainable Land Use Planning and Design.

How to stop weeds growing through concrete

Weeds! Or as one man I came across called them, STUPID WEEDS! They can seem like an insurmountable problem for homeowners struggling to protect their nice paved driveways. But is there any way to be rid of them forever? It might be possible, but not without a lot of work.

1. Use Weed Proof Mesh Under the Concrete

However, these prevention devices will usually deteriorate after several years. When this happens, you can start to get a few weeds.

2. Salt The Earth

You’ll mix together two cups of table salt and one gallon of white vinegar, shaking/mixing it until the salt is completely dissolved. This is the primary agent that will be killing the weeds.