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how to stop weeds growing through mulch

How to stop weeds growing through mulch

Mulch can make weeds less prevalent and make it hard for weeds to sprout. However, weeds are very resilient and some will come up through your mulch if you don’t handle things right.

Ensure That You Remove Weeds Completely

This little how-to article should make your life a little bit easier if you use the information properly. You won’t have to worry so much about weeds coming up through your mulch any longer.

Making Your Own Environmentally Friendly Weed Barrier

Making a weed barrier yourself or buying a commercial weed barrier isn’t a difficult task. The toughest part of doing this is likely going to be taking the time to remove all of the weeds from your gardens fully.

How to stop weeds growing through mulch

Applying mulch every spring makes sense on several levels. It helps enrich the soil and helps retain moisture during the dry summer months. But the main reason most of us mulch is weed control. We faithfully lay down a couple of inches of mulch and cross our fingers that we’ve won the battle. But most of us aren’t so lucky: weeds almost always find a way to pop up, even in the most beautifully mulched landscaping. Why are weeds so hard to tame, and what can you do to stop them? Here are a few tips:

Why Do Weeds Grow In Mulch?

Here are a few strategies for preventing weeds from popping up in your mulch:

What’s the Best Mulch to Prevent Weeds?

For flower beds and landscaping, we like a chipped or shredded bark mulch with a relatively coarse texture. It decomposes relatively slowly and doesn’t blow away so it can do its job and keep sunlight from reaching the soil. Inorganic mulch (like stones or gravel) does an excellent job of preventing weed growth. However, it doesn’t offer the soil-improving benefits of organic mulch.