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how to store marijuana seeds

How to store marijuana seeds

Winters are when nights are longest. The longer days arrive in spring. That’s a signal for germination. Germination is what you want to avoid (right now). That means you need to keep your marijuana seeds in the dark.

What environment is best for storing marijuana seeds?

Before you can store your marijuana seeds, you need to find a good container. You want this container to be made out of a single material. This is because different materials expand and contract at different temperatures. This makes it very difficult for them to stay completely airtight.

Starve your marijuana seeds of oxygen

Alternatively, for short-term storage, you could use rice. This only works for short periods because rice becomes soggy. Then you need to change it while keeping your seeds dark.

How to store marijuana seeds

In order to keep your seeds viable as long as possible, you want to make sure you store them in an environment that is cool, dry and dark. You also want to make sure the container you store them in is sealed tight, because the most important factor in making sure your seeds last is a consistent environment. Fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity do serious harm and will likely render your seeds useless.

When putting desiccant in the container with the seeds, it is best to keep the two separate. You can create a boundary between the weed seeds and the desiccant by using wool or cotton.

If you provide the perfect conditions, marijuana seeds can be stored for up to 5 years and still be viable. If you give them decent conditions and maintain those conditions (i.e. no major fluctuations in the environmental conditions), you can expect the seeds to still be good after a year or two.

You can use them for short term storage, but you’ll want to find something better for a longer term solution. A vacuum sealed plastic bag that you put inside a glass jar is a great solution, however.

Pest Inspection

But only if you store them properly.

Seeds must be stored in the dark, because light triggers germination. If seeds are exposed to light, even if they do not have any of the other conditions required for germination, the chemical processes for germination are triggered.

Plastic bags can work in a pinch, but they are far from ideal. Most are not airtight, which means they can not prevent fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity.

Use Labels

Just make sure to protect them from temperature fluctuations. Even if temps are warmer than is ideal, they will be ok, as long as the temperature remains constant.

Plastic is not the best material for storing weed seeds, because it has microscopic pores that let in some of the outside environment. They work fine for shorter term storage, but if you are planning on keeping your seeds in storage for a longer period of time, you should avoid plastic.