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how to train cannabis to grow sideways

How to train cannabis to grow sideways

Low-stress training (LST) is a method used by growers to control the height and shape of cannabis plants. For newbie growers, it’s a useful technique that can increase crop yields and round out cultivation skills.

What is low-stress training?

LST is most commonly performed during the vegetative period when the shoots are pliable and the plant’s growth can be more easily directed. That being said, low-stress training can also be used during the flowering phase . Bending stems during flowering can help ensure even exposure to light. For growers looking to redistribute the plant’s energy from many growth sites to a few, the first couple of weeks of flowering can be a good time for low stress training.

Can you low-stress train in the flowering stage?

LST is generally not initiated on plants that are mature and fully flowering. Constant LST, however, throughout both the vegetative and early flowering phases, can help keep mother plants healthy and capable of producing robust clones.

How to train cannabis to grow sideways

Overall, HST techniques are better for extensive outdoor gardens and require fewer materials than their LST counterpart.

Topping marijuana plants is one of the most straightforward HST techniques, but you need long fingernails to do it right! It involves damaging the plant at a very young age to cause it to grow more bud sites. As you can probably guess from the name, topping involves removing the top of the plant.

Super Cropping / Stem Mutilation

Of course, a strain’s genetics dictate growth patterns such as smell, potency, and appearance. Therefore, it is wise to consider what you expect and want from cannabis. Then, you can check out the most suitable strains.

This method involves topping the plant a couple of times in a specific way. Do it correctly, and you create a comprehensive ‘manifold’ at the plant’s base. Manifolding is a relatively simple way to achieve a significant level of training without devoting too much time. This process also enables buds to grow longer, bigger, and more uniform than with most other methods. However, topping your plants twice can add up to a fortnight to harvest time.

FIM (“F*ck, I Missed”)

We recommend using special plant tape to complete the process. If you use duct tape or something else, you could end up choking the plant. Ultimately, you want to have the plant’s stalks growing around the pot. If this happens, a significant number of bud sites are exposed at an even height. During flowering, the colas shoot up from the now-sideways plant and are all at an even level.