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humic acid for growing weed

Humic acid for growing weed

As a result of the breakdown of organic matter in the soil by microbial life, humic acids are dark coloured macromolecules soluble in alkaline water which have become an excellent choice to improve the properties of the soil due to their high molecular weight. At the same time, they provide better management and mobility of the nutrients available in the substrate and highly improve water retention.

Either if you’re using organic soil or hydroponic systems, using humic and fulvic acids is a very easy way to ensure the best possible conditions for the roots of your plants. Indeed, it is especially recommended in hydroponic cultivation since these types of growing media do not contain nutrients nor microbial life. In this way, you get the most out of the nutrient solution that you’ve carefully prepared for your plants.

What are humic acids?

Let’s summarize now the potential benefits of using humic and fulvic acids for cannabis cultivation:

A healthy plant produces abundant trichomes

Soil organic matter

Fulvic acids are humic material of yellowish colour, similar to the former although they have less carbon and more hydrogen in their molecular composition (molecular weight is then lower). They’re macromolecules soluble in water (either acid or alkaline) and especially skillful when it comes to crossing the membrane of plant cells.

Humic acid for growing weed

Fulvic and humic acids used when growing cannabis, whether indoors or outdoors has the potential of reaping a big harvest. If all cannabis cultivators knew this, they would probably include these acids into their grow systems.

Humic acid is more complex, black or dark brown in color and is soluble when contact is made with alkaline water. The molecular weight in humic acid is quite high, and for this reason, it is an excellent soil conditioner in its natural form. It rejuvenates the soil’s properties and also helps to manage the nutrients, and the water retention.

The Acids

If you have set up a hydroponic facility to growing cannabis, instead of using perlite or hydroton as inert medium, why not consider these acids instead. The inert medium does not consist of fulvic or humic acids and so you won’t get the desired outcome of a larger yield.

Minerals and Nutrients

When you are growing cannabis, there are certain things that you should consider using such as fulvic and humic acids. However while there are more pros than cons, you still have to know what these are and that is what we touch on in this article. More cannabis growers are taking advantage of the pros associated with fulvic and humic acid.