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Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Hybrid cannabis seeds are a perfect mix of Indica and Sativa strains, providing the best qualities from both. Over time there have been many advances in hybridizing these plants that have led to more potent crops with higher yields year-round.

It’s like two for the price of one! A mix between a Sativa and an Indica creates plants that are generally more productive than either parent variety alone. The resulting product can be used to treat numerous medical conditions such as inflammation or anxiety which is why these hybrids have become increasingly popular in recent years among health-conscious consumers who want their medicine without having to sacrifice quality or quantity.

The story of cannabis is as long and complex as the plant itself. Some breeders took it upon themselves to create new hybrid strains for a variety of reasons, including increasing THC content or creating novel tastes to balance growing time and yields.

Just as in any other industry, there are many different strains that have their own strengths and weaknesses. Creating these hybrid seeds allows for the best plants to be selected from each with the goal being increased yields and successful hybrids.


For those weed enthusiasts looking to get creative in their smoking, hybrid strains can provide a great way of enhancing your smoke. Blends that combine Indica and Sativa are available for all tastes from the traditional 80/20 mix through 50% or more sativas to 100% pure indicas.

Indica-dominant strains are a favorite among growers for their shorter height and bushier growth pattern. They tend to grow more like pure Indica plants and have an easier time in cold climates due to these genetics that help them stay compact, while still providing yields worthy of the name cannabis king’s throne!

The sativa-dominant strains grow more like the original cannabis plant, while indica-dominant hybrids tend to be shorter and stockier. These tall plants can reach up to nine feet high outside in large rooms or out on your patio! Sativas prefer warmer temperatures than their short counterparts. However these slender stalks are perfect for growing indoors if you have space restrictions.

For 50/50 hybrids, the best way to find out what it will look like is by researching its genetics. If you know which parents’ genes were combined in order to create this hybrid plant, then there’s a good chance that when grown properly, it’ll have some of their traits as well!


From sleepy to energized, hybrid weed has a lot of different effects. People who are looking for an intense head high may prefer sativa plants while those that just want to relax their muscles and body might enjoy indica more.

It’s important not only what type of cannabis you consume but also the strain since each one will give you varying results in terms of effect. Some strains have more impact on your mental state than others do which can make it difficult when trying to find the right product for yourself or someone else!

For those who enjoy both the mental and physical aspects of smoking cannabis, a hybrid strain may be just what they need. Hybrid weed combines an uplifting cerebral high with body-relaxing effects that are best for full-body highs alike.

Indica-dominant cannabis strains tend to be heavier on the body buzz. These types of plants are perfect for someone looking for a relaxed evening with friends or sitting at home and watching TV. Indicas typically have some head high, but it is milder than many other hybrids because they’re so heavy in THC content that takes effect more quickly due to this property’s availability from indica genetics inherited by these hybrid varieties.

Sativa strains give a buzzy, cerebral effect and are great for people who suffer from anxiety or dark moods. Sativas have energizing effects that can be helpful all day long while indicas produce an unfocused high. Smoking sativa-dominant hybrid plants could help with mental distress like anxiety and dark moods which makes them the optimal blend to smoke during your days off work!

If you’re looking for a potent hybrid strain with an even balance of both body and head high, then 50/50 strains are the solution. These well-rounded effects make them great in either late mornings or early evenings. But they can relax your whole body to the point where you may not be able to function properly.


Growing marijuana hybrids is a great way to reap all-around benefits. Pure indica and pure sativa strains can be difficult, but with these three reasons in mind, this task may seem more achievable for many people!

Cultivated marijuana has been selectively bred for specific climates. If you grow indica in tropic regions, the plant will struggle to survive and produce little yield. Sativa plants are more adaptable but typically require a lot of light exposure because they evolved on higher altitude mountains with low humidity rates at night.

Moreover, hybrid strains are flexible. Depending on the plant’s specific genetics, there are hybrid strains that can handle just about any environment and humidity level. No matter where you live or what type of grow environment you have available to provide for them in your home. No matter how much space is allotted to these plants – whether it be a porch with 50 square feet of room for planting flowers indoors or an acre-sized property enclosed by acres worth of fencing designed specifically as a haven from predators. They’ll find their way into one perfect combination which will suit all instances perfectly well!

Scientists and cultivators all over the world are experimenting with different strains of weed to find what will make a good hybrid. They want plants that grow fast, produce plenty of THC, and can withstand pests without too much trouble. Thirdly, these tests lead to specific breeding for factors like hardiness or yield which result in healthier hybrids every time they’re grown from seed!


The world of weed is constantly evolving and changing, leaving growers with a wide variety of options. One option that offers the best results for those who want to be in charge from start to finish is growing hybrid cannabis strains from seed. A grower can decide what exactly they’re looking for when it comes down to genetics by starting their plants off this way!

Seeds are a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing your own cannabis. You need them for starting off new plants and also, if you’re going with hybrid seeds like me, there is no better place than online retailers BUSHWEEDO where they carry an unparalleled selection that will surely have something suitable for any grower’s needs. And because we know how important those initial first few weeks can be in determining whether or not you’re successful at cultivating sativa-dominant strains year after year, all their seed packs come guaranteed feminized!

Interested in the best high-quality, hybrid cannabis seeds? We’ve got you covered with our large selection of superior strains. Our helpful staff will be available to ensure your crop is successful from start to finish!


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    I’ve been really happy with the grow I did! People have loved how strong of a flower it is and that its THC level is high enough for them. It’s great to be able to help out friends who need weed now too since our society doesn’t always appreciate those types of gifts anymore as much as we would like nothing else but giving away this medicine cabinet staple from time to time… I’m guessing there was some sorta mix up because usually, plants don’t just pop into existence at all times during their fruiting stage or maybe yours were clones? Either way, they seemed smaller than expected though which surprised me considering everything looked healthy when picking.

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    Of my 100% germination rates and these plants produced one of the best crops yet, if you would like to download them they are 85 days long with Gorilla Glue Girl Scout Extreme.

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    It’s always a great feeling when you can see your hard work paying off. I knew the gorilla glue would take longer, but who wouldn’t want an 18-inch bud? The only thing left to do is trim up those plants and Enjoy!