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hydroponic cannabis grow journal

It is recommended that you fill out the logbook each day. You should also note the readings from your pH tester and EC meter. Document changes like if you added pH Up or Down.

The secret to getting the best results from hydroponic gardening is that you must document every change you make no matter how big or small; this is especially true for beginners.

Use the journal to track Air Temperature, Humidity, Water Temp, Water Reservoir Level, Nutrient Solution pH, TDS PPM, Root Health, Leaf Health, “Fruit” Health and take any additional notes you may need.

It doesn’t matter if you are growing vegetables like lettuce or tomatoes at home or if you are growing cannabis professionally; taking good notes of how you manage your hydroponics system is the key to figuring out if any changes you make are good or bad for your setup.

Hydroponic cannabis grow journal

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