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hydroponic cannabis seeds

Hydroponic cannabis seeds

1.) Get Cannabis Seeds

Just like in soil or coco, cannabis plants in hydro grow fastest when it’s a little warm, around 75°F!

6.) Take Care of Hydro Seedlings

Hydroponic cannabis seeds

Plant spacing is also dictated by the type of system you use. A DWC system with 25 litre pots could easily fill a room with 4-8 large bushy plants. On a flood and drain (or aeroponics) system you may prefer to switch to a more SOG style grow with around 12-16 plants per m2.

Damping off is a seedling disease caused by several different pathogens. These cause the stem to shrivel and the seedling to eventually collapse. Good cleanliness standards are essential, ensure equipment is thoroughly cleaned between grows. Don’t overwater and ensure good ventilation.

However, there is a technical price to pay for such growth benefits. As well as knowing the best nutrients for hydroponic cannabis you also need a precise touch with nutrient application. Knowing how to keep your plants in the nutrient sweet spot throughout the hydroponics grow is critical to success.

Clay pebbles
When considering how to grow hydroponic cannabis, many find that clay pebbles offer a convenient base for your plant, especially when using mesh/net containers that are popular in deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics. Many growers soak their clay pebbles in pH adjusted water around pH 5.6 for a few days. This can counter the natural tendency for some clay pebbles to cause pH to drift up towards pH6.

Preventing humidity peaks

Maintain the nutrient sweet spot from seed to harvest
Without doubt, one of the main skills of a successful hydroponics cannabis grower is the ability to avoid over-feeding and under-feeding their plants. Keeping the right nutrient regime at all stages of plant life is the best way to grow large and healthy cannabis plants. Few cannabis growers discover that they have great nutrient management skills on their first grow. Usually this skill is developed over several grows, often with simpler grow systems like soil or coco fibre growing.

If you are growing lots of small plants in a SOG system you can pack in many times more plants than if you were cultivating a single large SCROG plant. If you are growing plants naturally, without SOG or SCROG then around 8 inches separation is not uncommon. The more space you give each plant, the easier it is to work with your plants and inspect them.

Drip/dripper hydroponics
The principle of a hydroponics dripper system is broadly similar to that of a drip irrigation system in soil. The cannabis plant is often grown in a medium such as clay pebbles. At the top of the plant is a small tube (or ring-shaped tube) which drips nutrients onto the surface.

Providing your plants with sufficient light

Hundreds of cannabis plants grown in a greenhouse and fed with a hydroponic dripper system.

pH level
pH is a measure of nutrient solution acidity/alkalinity. The normal ph level for hydroponic cannabis is around 5.6-5.8. Outside of this pH range your plant may not be able to absorb minerals/nutrients even if they are present. This is known as ‘pH lockout’ and is a key reason why hydroponic cannabis growing needs a steady pH around 5.6 – 5.8.