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hydroponic marijuana grow box

Hydroponic marijuana grow box

first round is on the house!

Stealth Box’s organic system means you don’t need to handle or understand dozens of different nutrients – aside from a single flowering nutrient, you will just add water! With a system this simple, we know that anyone can become a successful grower. Stealth Box will grow you 2-7 oz of organic cannabis each grow cycle – guaranteed!*

Stealth Box is pleased to announce we have partnered with Crop King Seeds to bring you premium cannabis seedsfor FREE!

Start growing the easy way!

Hydroponic marijuana grow box

Right now, they provide wooden LED / CFL stealth grow boxes for all kinds of plants or herbs and have a variety of options (in terms of size, colour, and add-ons) to suit various requirements.

#2 SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box (U.S. Only)

Beginners may not be ready to splurge on a larger version, making this an attractive choice for getting into indoor growing. The compact size may draw small space residents who want to harvest greens year-round. You can easily fit eight plants with the hydroponics setup or six with the soil system, which works well for small households.

#5 Hellogrower 40″ Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Box (U.S. Only)

The 5.0 version of Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box is a big upgrade from the 4.0 version. This grow box version is fully optimized to produce healthy plants all through the year.