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ice kush seeds

Kush Crossing with South African Sativa. Thick buds and lots of resin. Mold-resistant, with citrus and strawberry scent. Flowering indoor: 7 – 8 weeks; harvest outdoors: late September. Indoor – outdoor.

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Kush Crossing with South African Sativa to get a plant with thick Indica buds but with an abundant resin production thanks to its larger size due to its Sativa influence. Fast flowering variety. Early harvest outdoors, at the end of September. Mold resistant plant. Citrus and strawberry aroma.

Product description

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Ice kush seeds

Ice Kush by Advanced Seeds is a hybrid that has a lot of work put into it by part of the breeders at Advanced Seeds. The result was obtained after years of selecting Kush and sativa strains from South Africa. This plant is highly recommended for making extracts such as dry hash, ice-o-later and BHO using a Gasolinator – the end results are generally beautiful dark purple colors.

Ice Kush Indoor grow

Outdoors, these plants grow nicely and they tend to acquire a nice light green color towards the end of the season; right from the start the buds are an astounding shiny color. These plants are sturdy and they can easily defend themselves from insect and fungi infestations thanks to its Pakistani ancestry. It should be ready for harvest towards the end of September, rewarding growers with up to 500g per plant.

Ice Kush Outdoor grow

Indoors, this plant grows compact in height. It needs quite a good vegging period, reaching around 30-40cm before you flip them to 12/12h. This plant tends to yield quite a lot of buds, around 450-500g per square meter under perfect conditions. It should take just 70 flowering days until it’s ready to harvest.