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ideal temperature for growing cannabis

Ideal temperature for growing cannabis

Whether you use a grow tent or grow your plants indoors with an air conditioner, maintaining the ideal temperature is essential for producing the highest quality harvest.

During the vegetative stage, marijuana plants thrive in temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit (20-30ºC). This is also the maximum temperature for marijuana grow tent use.

Do marijuana plants stop growing at certain temperatures?

Just like with too much heat, the main problem with cold temperatures is photosynthesis. If it is too cold, your plant will not undergo photosynthesis, and the leaves will develop a purple color. Marijuana plants grown in cold weather are also more susceptible to mold.

How to grow marijuana in extremely high temperatures

Cannabis plants are hardy. Most marijuana strain will adapt to different climates and environments; however, some strains are better at it than others. When growing marijuana in a hot region, it’s best to choose strains that originated in similar climates.

Ideal temperature for growing cannabis

LEDs are known for needing just a little electricity and for producing less heat than HID grow lights like MH or HPS lights.

Give plants colder temperatures at night, especially towards the end of the flowering stage

Step 2: Refer to Temperature Chart

7 Essential Concepts About Temperature Control

The following model of heater is an excellent example of the type of heater you want for your grow room – it puts out gentle heat and has a thermostat you can use to have it automatically turn on and off as needed. The heat radiates out instead of being pushed out (which you don’t want in your grow room). It’s almost entirely silent. Plus, it comes with a timer, so you can have it preset to turn on just before lights go off for the night (or whatever you need for your space).

For example, Warm air can “hold” more evaporated water than cool air

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Chart – optimal temperature for growing cannabis plants