Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Indica cannabis strains are high-yield plants. They are easier to cultivate than Sativas. Indica grows well even in severe conditions. This section contains cannabis seeds with mostly Indica genetics. They are usually smaller and stronger than those with a high percentage of Sativa genetics. In addition, these plants have thick buds.

Indica strains: Indica was produced in the Hindu Kush mountain range (there is even a strain with the same name). These plants also grow in Lebanon, Morocco, and Nepal. Indica thrives in both cold and hot climates.

Main features: Indica can reach a height of 3 m. However, you can control its growth, which is very convenient if you’re growing the plant inside your house.

Indica is characterized by round leaves and smooth seeds. The flowers and buds of this plant grow close to each other and are clammy to the touch. For this reason, Indica is considered the perfect strain for producing hashish (as it contains a lot of resin). Curiously, thus resin evolved in response to the severe climate in the Kush mountains, where the plant first appeared. Specific types of Indica strains, such as Master Kush, are famous for increasing appetite.

Main effects of Indica: Indica is well-known for its sedative effect. As soon as you consume it, you’ll feel relaxed. People usually prefer smoking Indica before sleep or when they want to chill out.

Due to the above-mentioned, Indica can be used for therapeutic purposes by patients with sleeplessness or severe pain. Smoking this plant before going to bed can relieve pain and help you sleep well.

How to grow Indica?: We should note that Indica grows much faster Sativa. In addition, you can easily accelerate the flowering just by increasing the intensity of light the plants get. This fact (along with the low height of the plant) makes Indica popular among clients who want to grow a lot of cannabis indoors.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you opt for a hybrid (namely, Indica dominant) instead of seeds of pure Indica, since hybrids are extremely resistant to pests and mold. Actually, almost all Indica seeds sold today are hybrids.

If you want to receive the high yield as quickly as possible, you should follow these methods:

Sea of Green: That’s an extremely simple method that was elaborated in Holland. After planting the feminized seeds, you should let them rest for about 14 days, after which you need to switch on the lights to trigger flowering. This action makes the plants remain small, allowing you to grow more of them in a tight space. Moreover, it reduces the vegetation cycle by about eight weeks, which saves you a lot of time!

The screen of Green: This method isn’t very different from the previous one. With the help of a screen, you can make your plants grow horizontally, and not vertically. In this case, the plant will form a sort of tent, and all buds will be approximately at the same height, which is why the light will be equally distributed among them. The free access to light makes SCOG one of the most efficient growing techniques, which works especially well with the thick Indica.

If you choose one of the above-mentioned techniques, it will be enough to grow them strong and healthy. However, you should also understand how to make your plant work for you. There are a couple of methods for that:

Low-stress training: As its name suggests, low-stress training is a very delicate process. As the plant grows, you just need to nip off the tip under the node. After that, Indica will grow a couple of new shoots, which you can cover if you want.

Super Cropping: Super Cropping is also called “High-Stress Training”. As the name suggests, it is much more severe to the plant than low-stress training. Super cropping involves damaging the plant during the vegetative phase, making it grow more energetically to survive the perceived danger. As soon as your plant reaches the flowering phase, it moves into a state of dormancy, and super cropping will no longer be efficient.

Indica requires a lot of care: With enough love and care, Indica plants can be easy to cultivate. Give them the conditions that imitate their native habitat by allowing the temperature to decrease to 10 °F. Be on the lookout for mold.

After the harvest, Indica buds also require special care. It is very important to protect them from mold. Make sure to dry and cure the buds while watching them closely, just like during the growth stage.

Top-quality Indica strains: Skilled growers will see that Indica is very easy to cultivate. To get the most out of each seed, you should clone the plants. Starting with using the best autoflowering seeds to grow a robust mother plant, and then clone it. This method makes harvesting faster and simpler, and cultivation- more foreseeable and controllable.

While cultivating Indicas, we recommend you combine different growing and training methods or experiment with light and temperatures to find the most suitable option for you.

After harvesting your first crop, you will be able to enjoy the top-quality Indica anytime, day or night.