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indoor cannabis growing problems

Indoor cannabis growing problems

What to Do: Get a temperature and humidity monitor. Control heat by whatever means necessary and keep humidity in check using the steps outlined below.

For HPS, Metal Halide and CFL grow lights, use the ‘back of your hand’ test.

Leafhoppers look pretty, but they munch on your plants so don’t ignore them!

Step 4: Identify Light Issues

What to Do: The goal is to give your plant exactly the kind of nutrients it needs to thrive, and provide the correct pH at the roots so your plants can properly absorb nutrients.

Coco or Hydro: A time-tested, simple nutrient system for growing cannabis hydroponically (including in soilless mediums like coco coir) is the General Hydroponics Flora Trio.

Step 5: Diagnose Pests (sometimes you never actually see the bugs)

An exhaust system doesn’t have to be anything fancy. At its simplest, an exhaust system can be two holes and a fan (with the fan place in one of the holes pointed out from your grow area). Having a fan constantly pulling hot air out and bringing fresh air in from your intake hole will help ensure that your plants have the fresh air they need.

In addition to preventing bud rot, there’s some evidence that maintaining low humidity environment in the flowering stage helps buds produce more terpenes (giving buds a stronger natural scent) and more trichomes (possibly even increasing the potency of your buds!).

Indoor cannabis growing problems

Nutrient burn is another common issue beginners and even expert growers often face, as they tend to get overzealous with feeding their plants. When it comes to nutrients, less is always more!

Nutrient burn is essentially what happens to your plants when you’ve been feeding them too strong of a nutrient mix, and/or too frequently. The edges of your leaves will begin to brown and look crispy like they were burned, and growth will slow down drastically.

Light Burn

If not, you still need to wait. With an overwatered plant, let it dry out for a few days and then resume a more appropriate watering schedule.

marijuana plants suffering from incorrect pH levels

If in the wrong pH range, it can cause your plant to go into a nutrient lockout, which means it is essentially in shock and no longer absorbing nutrients for the time being.