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indoor marijuana growing supplies

Indoor marijuana growing supplies

When buying your ventilation equipment, you must know the size of your grow area or grow tents. If you want to get a fan to create an air flow make sure it can handle your garden size. A small clip-on fan can work for small gardens, A medium-sized or big floor fan can provide greater air circulation for large gardens.

Proper ventilation is critical for indoor marijuana plant health. Continually pumping in fresh air is necessary to stimulate photosynthesis. During this process, plants convert the light, water, and carbon dioxide into energy. Additionally, without proper ventilation equipment, your room is vulnerable to fluctuating and high temperatures. Hot and humid climates can increase the risk of mold and pest infestation.

If you’re growing in a hydroponic system you will likely need a bucket (instead of a traditional pot for soil) to hold your inert growing medium. The substrate is usually suspended over a container full of your nutrient solution. Buying a hydroponic kit will usually come with all you need for your set-up including all the buckets you need.

6. Grow Room Ventilation

While many growers have certainly gone without a grow tent, a grow tent can contain your garden and more accurately recreates its optimal conditions. Growing in a bare room, garage, or closet can meet your basic needs. A grow tent offers many benefits including keeping out pests, reflecting light back onto the plants, isolating smells, and allowing you to create a climate controlled space.

Growing mediums are the root’s support system and where they will pick up the necessary water and nutrients. There are many different types of grow medium including soil and hydroponics. If you’re going with soil, you can choose from pre-made potting soil. You can also make your own soil medium with organic ingredients and compost. If you have a hydroponic system you’ll be using substrates made out of coco coir, clay, rockwool, perlite, or vermiculite. Soil and hydroponic mediums have different nutrient requirements.

7. Thermometer

A thermometer helps control the temperature within your grow tent. It’s important to know the temperature because every strain has a different optimal temperature. Thermometers are not very expensive. If you have a hydroponic system, you’ll need a thermometer that measures the temperature of water. If needed, a hygrometer can measure humidity levels in your garden.

Whether you’re starting off with a clone or a marijuana seed, all indoor gardens and some greenhouses with periods of low lighting require grow lights to replicate natural daylight. Now, as a first time and budget grower, you may choose the low-cost fluorescent lighting with weak results. Energy-saving LED lighting has a higher upfront cost, although it may pay for itself in the long run. Finally, you can also use high-powered HID lights although this uses a lot of energy and may require extra ventilation to manage high light temperatures.

Indoor marijuana growing supplies

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