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indoor weed growing calendar

Indoor weed growing calendar

At this stage, you will be flushing the rest of the nutrients from your crop and preparing for the next crop. Generally, you will have about 1 to 2 weeks where you can choose to harvest your plants, depending on your preference. Check out our guide on the right time to harvest.

You will really see your flowers grow and the aroma develop. You can start thinking about flushing your plants to remove the excess nutrients and salts. You can do a 24-hour flushing process without nutrients. After 24 hours, you can continue the normal feeding schedule.

This will also be the last week you should prune your crop. Since pruning can stress out a plant, you want to prune before the flowering begins to avoid lowering your yield and quality of buds.

During the final weeks of the vegetative stage, your plants will begin to get ready to enter the flowering stage. Male plants will develop pollen sacs between their nodes while female plants grow white pistils. Only female plants grow flower buds.

Week 8

Optimal indoor garden conditions during the vegetative stage:

Growing cannabis from the comfort of your home is easier than ever. There are also smart grow apps that track nutrients, watering, and more if you’re more tech-inclined.

By this point, your plant will have grown considerably compared to the growth that happened during the vegetative stage. Cannabis buds will begin to take shape. The plant will require the most amount of water. You can keep your soil damp but avoid overwatering.

Week 4

During the first week of the vegetative stage, you will be allowing the cannabis plants to get acclimated to the light. If using multiple lights, use only about half of them and place them about twice the recommended distance (about 40 inches above your plants).

During the second week of the vegetative stage, you can begin to turn on all of the lights you will be using. You can also bring the lights closer to the canopy (about 20 inches above the plants). Just make sure your plants will not get burned.

Indoor weed growing calendar

Harvesting happens when the plant’s flowers have fattened up but before the very cold weather comes on, typically by mid to late fall.

Seedlings are baby plants. Whether you’ve sprouted your own seed or bought a clone, during this first stage of life the plants are delicate and sensitive.

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Use a grow journal. Tracking the details of your grow efforts, from germination to final cure, will help you become a better cannabis-plant parent. When it’s time for a new season, reviewing the successes and failures from the last crop will make your thumb greener — not to mention improve the quality and quantity of your final harvest. There are lots of ready-made cannabis grow journals out there, but really all you need is a pad of paper and an eye for detail.

Spring to early summer: seedling stage

As the flowers fatten up, they might become too heavy for the branches to handle, and growers often give their plants some help with a trellis, bamboo canes, or another form of support. Extra nutrients like phosphorus are often given during the flowering stage.