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indoor weed growing schedule

Indoor weed growing schedule

The next stage is the flowering stage. During the flowering stage, cannabis plants can nearly double in size compared to their vegetative height. During this time, plants will focus their growth on flower buds and resin production.

During the first week of the vegetative stage, you will be allowing the cannabis plants to get acclimated to the light. If using multiple lights, use only about half of them and place them about twice the recommended distance (about 40 inches above your plants).

Week 1

For plants that are getting too tall, you can install a trellis netting to create an even canopy for better light distribution. Make sure to work the overgrown branches through the trellis net to maintain an even canopy.

Plan every step of your indoor, soil-based growing process with this ultimate marijuana indoor grow calendar! Avoid the guesswork and reference this week-by-week roadmap from the moment you plant your seed to harvest.

Week 1

During the last week of the flowering stage, you will be preparing for harvest. However, strain growth varies by genetics. Some strains may need longer to flower than others. Flowering can go up to 12 weeks or more, depending on genetics.

Indoor weed growing schedule

How to tell if your plant is a male or female

It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to grow a cannabis plant, this varies based on where you’re growing. If you have an indoor grow room, your plant has the ability to flower after only a few weeks!

5. Flowering

Female: Two pistils (the pistil contains the reproductive parts of a flower) will be growing on the buds (flowers grow above these leaves, one cluster on each side).

Cannabis growth is made up of a series of stages that plants undergo during their lifecycle. Each stage during the cannabis cultivation process requires its own unique demands, including different levels of light, water, and nutrients.

2. Seedling Stage

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