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Industrial Plant is a very commercial strain due to the size of its crop but this does not mean that it does not provide a connoisseur-quality smoke. It is very easy to grow and has a very fast flowering time. Indoors it responds superbly to SoG and SCROG maximising its harvest potential; yields of 625 gr/m 2 are possible in an amazingly short flowering time of just 45 – 50 days. Outdoors in temperate/Mediterranean climates or in a greenhouse at higher latitudes plants can grow to a height of 2.5 meters and up to 1300 gr/plant can be harvested during the first half of October in northern latitudes. Buds are huge, dense and packed with resin.

Industrial Plant was created by Dinafem by crossing a Northern Lights strain with a secret Dutch sativa. This 50/50 indica/sativa plant was so named because of its very high production capabilities. It is essentially an Afghani x Thai cross pollinated by the Dutch sativa male.

Industrial Plant is not just big on yield; its aroma and flavour are not exactly reticent with Skunk, citrus, wood and spices forming a complex palate. THC production is good at around 14% and with low CBD figures too which means that its psycho-activity is not ameliorated. Its effect is also complex combining power and balance it is physical, cerebral and long-lasting.

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Once the time to harvest has arrived, the yield of the Industrial Plant will be hard to believe. The buds are phenomenal and the resin is just waiting to be scraped off, so to speak. This entails a promise for the fan who will be allowed to smoke this cannabis. That promise is effortlessly kept by this plant providing an amazing yield.

Data sheet of the seed Industrial Plant

This type is a crossing between an Afghan (Central Asia) and a Thai (South East Asia). The fact that a special combination has been found here is quite an understatement. This feminised sativa-indica combination provides an interesting type of cannabis you should really try cultivating yourself.

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