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is buying marijuana seeds online safe

A: Each state has their own laws regarding marijuana seeds, so most seed banks use an old souvenir law to get over the legal hurdles and do their business. As long as the seeds aren’t germinated they are free to mail them to you as a souvenir or for bird food/fish bait. Go to any major seed bank’s website such as ILGM and you will see a disclaimer page that announces this.

Seed Banks FAQ


  • Website is full of cheesy ads
  • Steep delivery charges and insurance
  • Reviews on the site seem biased

One thing that stands out about this site is the number of options and categories for all types of growers. On the main menu, consumers choose from beginner seeds, auto flowers, feminized seeds, medical seeds, mixed packs, grow kits, special deals, and seed-growing nutrients. All their seeds come with a germination guarantee and are authentic strains.


Despite this, experts still advise customers against requesting expedited delivery or a shipping method that requires a signature. This helps avoid drawing attention to the package or being forced to sign for the delivery.

Individuals should also consider the payment method they’re using. Bitcoin is usually recommended as it’s encrypted and untraceable. Though, customers can choose to pay using credit cards since purchases are insured and protected.


Is buying marijuana seeds online safe

The handshake agreement also means their prices are comparable to those companies and they won’t offer much in the way of unique discounts. Still, if you want a company based in the United States, and one that’s attentive to your unique requests, you can’t do better or do it faster.


9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Most Popular Cannabis Seeds Packs

Quebec Cannabis Seeds was founded in 2013, but still claims to have 15 years of experience in marijuana seed retail.

If you’re curious about the logistics of buying cannabis seeds online, we have answers!

FAQs About Buying Cannabis Seeds


Is buying marijuana seeds online safe

The second type, made up of auto-flowering, feminized seeds, has the characteristic of giving birth to a cannabis plant that flowers automatically according to age. In contrast to feminized cannabis seeds, auto flower seeds lead to flowering in 2-3 months after germination.

The third advantage, but not for importance, of buying weed seeds online, is that you can do it in a few clicks, sitting comfortably on your sofa. One of the fortunes of living in the third millennium is to buy the products from home and receive them in a few days.

The marijuana seeds themselves do not contain any THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, which is responsible for the alteration of the senses, and this excludes them from the list of illegal products. There are other uses for cannabis seeds, as you can read below:


The most significant advantage of buying cannabis seeds online is related to affordability: physical shops are subject to higher costs than e-commerce, so they are forced to raise their selling prices. So, when you talk about our Sensory Seeds products, you will notice that the prices of marijuana seeds are competitive.

Our products are branded BSF Seeds, one of the best seed banks on the market: if you want to buy quality cannabis seeds online, you should do it at Sensory Seeds!

2) Buy marijuana seeds on the internet: the full range of seed varieties available.

As you could read with your own eyes, buying cannabis seeds online is legal, convenient and, in case of reliable shops with certified products, totally safe. Avoid dwelling on sites that are unclear and do not report the provenance and guarantee certificates of their products.

If you have any problems, you’ll have the convenience of being able to contact customer service with a phone call or a simple email, rather than having to go to the store again. In short, you won’t need half a day off to visit the shops in the city and compare prices, but just a few minutes during your lunch break.