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is fox farm ocean forest good for growing weed

Is there something I should do? Or should I just wait and, eventually, they will adjust or the nutrient level in the soil with level out?

I like big buds and I can not lie.

I’m using FF Ocean Forest soil for the first time as well as growing clones for the first time. I understand there are nutrients in the soil and I won’t need to add any for a month or more. After they developed healthy roots, I planted them in solo cups using this soil, and once they began to thrive, I transplanted them into 1/2 gallon pots, using the same soil. (I’ll move them to 3 gallon pots eventually and finally.) But several of my clones (I have ten) are beginning to show what appears to be nute burn.

Somango XXL (3 gal)
Blue Mystic (7 gal)
Coco Coir w/30% perlite
Fox Farms Nutrients plus Cal-Mag Plus

Is fox farm ocean forest good for growing weed

Here’s a handy chart of the appropriate nutrient ppm range for cannabis plants during each stage of growth:

Beyond adding extra fertilizer to your soil, which you can always do, though at the risk of nutrient-burning your plants, of course, you can help your plants better access and, therefore, reap maximum value from the nutrients in the soil by making it even more light and aerated than it is already.

As you can see from the ingredients list above, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil already contains a great number of valuable soil amendments. You could, if you choose, however, add perlite into the soil, at a ratio of one part perlite to three parts soil, to aerate it even further.

One of the prime benefits of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil is that it lets you start your plants off in their new pots or beds without adding any nutrients for a long time, though not for the whole length of your plants’ grow cycle. It contains enough nutrients for your plants to prosper for about the first month of growth, plus or minus 10 days.

How long do the nutrients in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil last?

Another good choice is Fox Farm Trio which provides additional nutrients to your plants during the vegetative and bloom phases. You can check out our review of Fox Farm Trio here.

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When you see the quantities diminish, you can start adding the appropriate amounts of the lacking nutrients. Remember that your plants nutrient needs will change as the plant grows, and small, young plants don’t need as many nutrients as older, larger plants.

Soil Amendments

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One easy way to do this is to mix a bit of perlite into the soil. Approximately 25% perlite to 75% Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil should suffice for this purpose.