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is it hard to grow weed

Is it hard to grow weed

Each grow after that you’ll learn more and more about what works for you. For many people, just growing 1-2 plants at a time is all they’ll ever need to keep a regular medicine supply.

Wondering where to buy marijuana seeds? There are lot of choices, but learn about the marijuana seed banks we recommend here:

Don’t go overboard with fans or you’ll give your plants wind burn. Leaves should be gently rustling but not waving around.

But truthfully, if you just need medicine for personal use, growing can be incredibly easy. Even if all you’re doing is a simple hand-watered grow, you can easily end up with several ounces of buds off your first plant, even if you make lots of mistakes.

3.) The strain makes a HUGE difference in your results

At this point, trim and jar buds. The bag here contains the “trim” (all the leaves I trimmed off before jarring the buds, which will be used to make extracts or edibles). “Burp” the jars daily for 2+ weeks. This “curing” process increases potency, smell, and smoothness.

Many old-school or generic LEDs produce small or strange-looking buds like these ones.

But sometimes, even the most well-meaning and experienced growers will give advice based on their genetics, environment or personal grow style, and it might not necessarily apply to your particular situation. I highly recommend to always listen to your instincts if advice just doesn’t seem right. Just like a medical doctor who seems wrong. No one knows your plants (or body) better than you.

2.) The grow light may be the most important tool in the grow room

Great airflow also prevents the bud killer known as bud rot. It even helps prevent some types of bugs from attacking your plants. And that’s not the only benefit, having a nice breeze going around your plants can actually make them grow faster overall.

It’s not just the buds, the plant growth patterns of each strain can produce utterly different beasts, like these OG Kush and Sour Diesel plants grown in the same setup.

Is it hard to grow weed

As legalization spreads, more cannabis enthusiasts are naturally going to want to try cultivation for themselves. The 2018 National Gardening Survey found 15% of US households would grow marijuana at home if it was legal. But, along with edibles, home growing is generally among the most contentious topics within the legalization debate.

How to grow your own weed

For the home grower, this matters much less, and Graf says it helps someone develop their appreciation for the plant. Amid rising interest in home grows, companies have developed home grow pods controlled by smartphone apps and other more modest growing kits and accessories. With strong weed no longer hard to find, home growing is a chance for connoisseurs to grow for CBD, a chemical commonly associated with the plant’s medicinal properties, or for a plant’s terpene profile (bouquet).

That’s probably a few years off though.