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jack burton seeds

Jack burton seeds

Stable genetic lines

HIGHSMEN develops the best naturally bred cannabis strains for the medical marijuana community.

About this brand

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Jack Burton by THClones is a sensuous indica-dominant strain born from two distinct Cookie crosses. Created by combining Fortune Cookies and Thai Cookies, Jack Burton draws out each strain’s sweet, pungent aromas while offering consumers long-lasting physical effects that titillate the senses. The terpene profile is buttery and floral while the strain’s subtle euphoria tempers focus and uplifts the mind. Enjoy at the end of the day to indulge in Jack Burton’s physical benefits with your partner or significant other.

Genetic mapping and DNA analysis

It is often said that there is no faster path to change than great pain, and Jack Burton has had his share. After a tough struggle with frustration and failure, a chance meeting with an unlikely mentor propels Jack toward three extraordinary people who plant the seeds of discovery he must now nurture and grow to find the remedy to his misfortune.

From the author of The Coach Approach: A story of lacrosse and leadership with a “powerful message [that] extends far beyond the athletic field” (Jon Gordon, Wall Street Journal–bestselling author of The Energy Bus).

As with all great endeavors, the path is unpredictable—and Jack soon finds himself body and soul deep into the mystery of personal philosophy and how it is inextricably woven into the fabric of success for all . . .