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jack frost seeds

Jack frost seeds

Buy Jack Frost seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Jack Frost cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Jack Frost seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Jack Frost seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Jack Frost specifications

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About Jack Frost seeds

Great Strain. I got so high I thought I was Michael Keaton.

Jack frost seeds

When grown indoors, it thrives on a set-up of organic soil; make sure to put overflow holes to prevent over-watering. As mentioned, this is a low-maintenance plant that do not require more attention. After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, it yields about 450 grams of buds.

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Nine to fivers would feel a sense of holiday rush after two hits, one that could last as long as three hours. It’s the perfect social strain as it balances a head and body high that is robust without being overwhelming, and brings an enjoyable, controlled energy to the plate that inspires relaxed conversations between friends.

When smoked, it trickles down the throat as smooth as a shot of whiskey with subtle musky flavors coating the mouth, adding depth to its already tantalizing palette. Promising a velvety and gentle burn that doesn’t induce coughing fits, Jack Frost intoxicates smokers in the jolliest ways.

Medical Use and Benefits

A perfect strain to shock medical users out of the winter blues, Jack Frost offers a tropical oasis in the midst of a dark, cold day. Jack Frost is popular amongst medical users for delivering a smooth high, clearing the mind from fog and tension caused by chronic fatigue. It’s definitely a better alternative for patients who don’t want to take prescription medication.

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Its ability to stimulate endorphins soothes symptoms of depression and anxiety by uplifting the spirit.


It took Goldenseed over five years to develop Jack Frost by first creating a hybrid from three premium strains from Sensi Seeds. Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5 served as its genetic backbone. In this span of time, the goal was to constantly improve its fragrance, potency, and appearance. Once satisfied, the breeder than cross it with Rainbow Kashmiri.

As the name suggests, this can also cause quite a bit of frostbite to the eyes and the mouth. It leaves an uncomfortable feeling or irritation and dehydration. Thankfully, this weed should be taken at a festal time. Hence, staying hydrated with refreshments shouldn’t be a problem.