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jean guy seeds

Jean guy seeds

there was everything properly!! thank you Popular Seeds.

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Jean Guy Cannabis Seeds from House of the Great Gardener

I've been ordering here for years now: always a pleasure, great choice and prices, fantastic cr.

Jean Guy Cannabis Seed Stats

A strain that originated in Canada, Jean Guy is redolent of the outdoors – hints of pine and lemon come through in the flavor and aroma, giving the intensely cerebral high of this marijuana strain a woodsy kick that energizes the mind and provides physical pain relief.

Though it tops out at about 19% THC, Jean Guy marijuana is equally potent for medical use as it is for recreation. Spirit lifting, it brings on euphoria with its cerebral buzz, eventually creeping into the body for a deep, calming relaxation. Get rid of pain, ease stress, and be pumped for the day with this perfect strain.


A Canadian export without the accent, Jean Guy feminized marijuana seeds will remind you of the outdoors – a lemony, pine-scented smoke that provides a creative high and gentle relaxation. Indoors or out, this finicky strain requires close attention to yield a moderate (but strong) crop of around 400 grams per plant.

Master gardeners should have no trouble coaxing 400 grams of sweet tasting bud out of this strain, which is a bit finicky to grow – Jean Guy marijuana seeds like their soil to have a pH balance of between 6.2 and 6.3 in order to burst with dark green leaves and buds thick with crystalline trichomes.

Taste a little bit of the frozen north – order Jean Guy feminized marijuana seeds today!