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jupiter og seeds

Jupiter og seeds

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Jupiter OG Kush Cannabis Seeds from Cali Connection Seeds

Jupiter OG Kush Cannabis Seed Stats

Jupiter OG marijuana resembles its namesake celestial body in effects. Boasting up to 21% THC, its an indica-dominant hybrid with immediate and long-lasting results, starting out with a head buzz that will put a smile on your face and an overwhelming sense of relaxation that can help improve your sleep. The skunky, fuel-like aroma (a trait taken from its OG lineage) and earthy/skunk flavor can be overpowering, although not entirely unpleasant.

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then Jupiter OG marijuana is definitely from Jupiter, because it’s out of this world! Kidding, of course, but toking on Jupiter OG may leave you feeling closer to the heavens above.

If you want to take an interstellar adventure from the comfort of your couch, cultivate Jupiter OG marijuana seeds – a blissful cerebral high paired with a deep relaxation makes for an experience that’s larger than life.


Overwhelmingly sedative, Jupiter OG marijuana is popular among patients looking to treat insomnia naturally and has also been used to successfully banish cramps, headaches, and illnesses with similar symptoms.

Jupiter OG marijuana seeds will impress you with a generous yield, particularly if provided the kind of warm, humid temperature they love. It’s not really a strain for beginner growers, however. Its finicky nature means its more suited to gardeners with at least intermediate experience. With time (about 8-9 weeks), you’ll be harvesting an above average yield of cannabis that will send you into space.