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keep weeds from growing

Keep weeds from growing

Your landscaping adds a lot of beauty to your property and you likely appreciate them for their aesthetic appeal. That is until you start seeing weeds creep in. Weeds are an eyesore that can really detract from the overall look of your landscape beds.

How to Stop Weeds from Growing in Mulch

In fact, many homeowners assume that there’s nothing more they can do to address weeds other than mulching their beds and hand-pulling any of the weeds that break through. While it’s certainly true that mulching will help suppress weeds, there are always those persistent ones that continue to emerge.

Enhancing the Health of Your Flower Beds

That means in addition to answering the question of how to prevent weeds in flower beds, this program will also enhance the overall health of the plants within those beds. The introduction of these microorganisms (like beneficial fungi and bacteria) will assist your plants in their ability to digest nutrients in the soil.

Keep weeds from growing

What is your favorite way to eliminate weeds in your garden? Leave a comment and let us know how some of these ideas have worked for you?

Especially if your garden is very large it can be a real chore. Sounds like you could use the info in How to build million dollar garden soil to help with that clay. Happy gardening!

Every garden is going to have a few weeds here and there. But after a few years, your weed pressures will diminish, and you will simply get to enjoy growing tons of tasty edibles and beautiful plants.

Ready To Get Serious About Gardening And Backyard Homesteading?

You did not mention corn meal or baking soda. Don’t they work?

Taproot – some weeds have a long center root, a bit like a carrot. It has smaller roots growing off from it. If you break off the root at or near ground level it will often just grow right back. You need to try to get the whole root out. A dandelion is a good example of this type of weed.

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When you are growing an organic garden, you don’t need just one tool, you need a weed control plan!

As far as baking soda, be careful using too much as it can change your PH. I listed what I found worked.