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kiss seeds

Although they are called Satan’s Kiss peppers, they look like such cuties! Also called Baccio Ciliegia Piccante, these little poppers are the size of a golf ball and have a sweet taste with a spicy kick to them. How about a plate of them next to some of our cherry tomatoes? We love these heirloom peppers when stuffed and grilled, but you should definitely try stuffing them with anchovies and mozzarella then grilling them as they do in Italy. Satan’s Kiss is a medium-hot pepper that will be the perfect manageable heat for a party.

Fun Fact: They are known as Ciliegia Piccante (Spicy Cherry) or Baccio de Satana (Kiss of Satan) in Italy.

Origin : Italy

Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate (Persicaria orientalis) grows to 7 feet tall, producing red, white or pink bell-shaped flowers on tall spikes that look right at home in a cottage garden. The flowers on this annual, also known as prince’s feather, princess feather and Oriental Persicary, persist from midsummer through fall, supplying long-lasting color in the garden. Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate requires minimal care once it’s established for summer. The plants germinate readily from seed if they’re prepared properly. Starting the seeds indoors four to six weeks before the last spring frost provides healthy starter plants that are almost ready to bloom when you transplant them to the garden.

Place the seeds in a sealed plastic bag or container. Store the seeds in a 45 degree Fahrenheit or colder location, such as an unheated shed or the refrigerator, for 12 weeks during the winter. Kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate flowers won’t sprout without this hardening process.

Remove the bag and set the pots where they can receive at least six hours of full daily sun. Water the seedlings when the soil surface feels dry, and after watering, empty water that has collected in the pot’s tray.