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kong seeds

Giant, brown-eyed golden heads grow atop probably the tallest multi-stemmed sunflower ever bred. This giant with a wonderful branching habit ideal for cut flowers really is the best for 'grow the tallest sunflower' competitions!

For best results, seeds are sown directly into the ground where required in the spring. Alternatively, sow in late winter/early spring in gentle warmth, 15-20 degrees C. Prick out into small 3 inch or 7 cm. pots and plant in final position when the plants are established.

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Kong seeds

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(18-24 in.) Kong Mix Coleus features extremely large leaves (8” across approx.) and unique patterns on well branched plants that grow tall in the garden. Kong Coleus is an excellent plant for landscape and large container planting. Mix of green, red, rose, salmon, pink, scarlet and mosaic.

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(C. blumei)
Annual. 100,000 seeds/oz.; 10-14 days, 70-75°F. Grow in shade to partial shade. Sow seed on sterilized soil. Do not cover seed.