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license to grow medical weed in missouri

License to grow medical weed in missouri

Let’s look at Missouri marijuana laws, how to apply to grow medical marijuana, and how to grow cannabis at home.

Here’s What to Know:

As things stand, the state has not defined what may apply when growing marijuana on a rental property. So, if you are growing marijuana on your property, feel free to make your own rules. However, do note that some state rules apply when growing weed indoor or outdoor.

Where and How to Grow Marijuana Indoors in Missouri

Additionally, the qualifying patient or primary caregiver must label all flowering marijuana plants in their possession with the qualifying patient’s name.

There are bound to be a few changes to the program. Be sure to watch this space for future updates as we obtain more news about growing Missouri medical marijuana. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on growing your own medical cannabis at home, or share with us pictures of your grow!

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Growing Missouri medical marijuana at home is easy! We’ve already written up a handy guide to help patients understand how to grow cannabis. This Missouri home cultivation tutorial will walk patients through the process of obtaining their home cultivation license.

Here is an example of what you could write for an indoor application:

Home Cultivation Application Example

1. A detailed description of the cultivation area, like “unused, locked closest in patient’s bedroom.”

An “enclosed, locked facility” means: (A) An indoor stationary closet, room, garage, greenhouse, or other comparable fully enclosed space equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that permit access to only the qualifying patient(s) or primary caregiver(s) who have informed the department that this is the space where they will cultivate marijuana; or (B) An outdoor stationary structure: 1. That is enclosed on all sides, except at the base, by chain-link fencing, wooden slats, or a similar material that is anchored, attached, or affixed to the ground and that cannot be accessed from the top; 2. In which the plants are not visible to the unaided eye from an adjacent property when viewed by an individual at ground level or from a permanent structure at any level; and 3. That is equipped with locks or other security devices that restrict access to only the qualifying patient(s) or primary caregiver(s).

“I verify that the indoor cultivation space is at the address below. The space is locked using a Smith steel combination lock (combination 1-2-3). Only myself, the qualifying patient, has access to this space. No one else can access the cultivation space. This space is located in the left corner of the closet in the master bedroom. There are no windows in this space and it is not accessible to anyone but myself, the qualifying patient. This closet and the bedroom door are both locked with a deadbolt, and inaccessible to anyone besides myself, the qualifying patient.”

Rules For Growing Medical Marijuana at Home in Missouri

Here is an example for an outdoor application:

“I verify that the outdoor cultivation space is located at the address below. The location is enclosed in a steel shed, surrounded on all sides by secure, locked chain-link fencing. This fencing cannot be accessed from the top, or dug up from the ground as the fencing is affixed to the ground. The plants are not visible to anyone from outside the cultivation space, at eye level or even when elevated. The facility is equipped with security cameras and Smith steel a combination lock (combination 1-2-3). Only myself, the qualifying patient, can access this facility. Only myself, the qualifying patient, can see, view and tend to the plants inside the cultivation space. This space is locked and secure, not visible to anyone but the qualifying patient.”