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light schedule for growing weed indoors

Light schedule for growing weed indoors

Vegetative – Seedling or clone leads to Vegetative Stage –
Give 18-24 hours of light a day

So indoor growers have a choice to flower their plants whenever they want… When is the best t ime to start flowering your cannabis indoors?

Seedling or Clone

What is 12-12 Lighting?

Light schedule for growing weed indoors

There is no other cycle to flower cannabis as they need as much light as possible, giving them less than 12hrs per day will result in lower quality and yield.

Photoperiodic Plants

The most common cycle for the flowering stage is 12/12.

2. Light Cycle For Flowering Cannabis Outdoor

This means it’s way easier to grow them than photoperiodic plants. A really good tip is to search on the internet the daylight you will get each month and plan your harvest accordingly, your cannabis plants can benefit from the extra hours of light.