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lodi dodi seeds

Lodi Dodi, a silly name for a serious marijuana. The sativa-dominant hybrid offers an enticing and euphoric cerebral high thanks to being loaded with about 23% THC. What you get is a happy relaxation that can induce creativity and focus.

A silly name for a serious strain, with 23% THC, Lodi Dodi marijuana is a tropical, sweet weed that will boost your focus and creativty.


With a scent that has been described as tropical, and a flavor that is like sour citrus balanced with sweet notes of honey, Lodi Dodi marijuana is a fast-acting strain that can help treat stress and depression. It has also been used to effectively relax muscles, release tension, and aid insomniacs in falling asleep fast.

Want to try your hand at growing Lodi Dodi feminized marijuana seeds? This medium-height strain is ideal for intermediate growers who know how to prune properly to promote lateral branching, and help this plant reach its full potential. Shortly after this strain enters the flowering stage, the flowers turn deep green in color, contrasting the orange pistils and amber trichomes that cover the dense, round buds.

Based Country: Canada
Pack: 10 Seeds
Shipping: Worldwide

This strain is a masterpiece by Smokey Point Productions and its genetic lineage is kept a secret up to this time. This strain is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It has an average THC content of 23%.


Flavors and Aromas

Based Country: Amsterdam
Pack: 10 Seeds
Shipping: Worldwide


Medical Effects


This weed grows small to medium-sized nugs of moss green flowers with rust-colored pistils. It has high volume leaves and mostly covered by crystal colored trichomes.