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magnum opus seeds

Magnum opus seeds

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Symbol of the USA and EU top shelf genetics Cantava is the fruit of an European Afghan elite cut from the 90’s with our Sangria # 707 obtained from the cross of Forbidden Fruit with Magnum Opus F11 (different of our 2nd genetic call Sangria forbidden fruit In the Pine ).

Medium height tall the Cantava will sport a compact indica structure with large nugs; cause of the compact and large nugs be careful to your humidity level during the end of the bloom time. Especially
resistant to the bugs attack; the flowers are dense covered of trichome rich in terpenes which make this strain perfect for flowers or extraction production.

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Its more then just that, since you payed more for the seed, you can to a collective for more or per customer. The legal market is booming.

I think breeders and car manufacturers can charge whatever they want for their products and it’s up to individual consumers to decide if it’s worth it or not. If it isn’t worth it they’ll lower the price or withdraw from the market. I welcome discussion of whether or not Aficionado is worth the price.

I don’t think there is any way the difference between buds from Aficionado’s seeds and buds from $50 packs like Bodhi is as big as the difference between a Lambo’ and a car that costs an order of magnitude less. I’m sure in many cases there is not much difference at all. In some cases you might like cheap ass seeds better because there’s a lot of personal preference involved in Cannabis. I’ve only grown out one Aficionado strain so far, Long Valley Royal Kush, but they were pretty uniform and I still have one of them and have a cut vegging now.

Days of grams of 10-12 are no longer.
$12-$16 is standard.
With this $18-$20
Harvest 4 – 6 plants one pound.
Collective will take it for $4000.

Is Aficionado worth it? It’s up to you but at least they’re trying to offer something more than elite chucks like deliberate breeding and customer service. Based on what I know about them, I’m confident the elite cuts they do use are the real deal too.

So you say how you figure.
At min $15 x 450 gram= $6750
6750- 4000 = $2700
Reasonable profit for something you didnt put time and effort into.