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manifold growing weed

Manifold growing weed

The two plants below are under a 600W, which means that more was left on each cola. The parts of the plant that were in shadow were all removed but they’re still almost 2 feet long. The 600W light reaches that far into the plant so these buds will fatten up all the way down.

Main-lining works very well when mixed with LST (low stress training – gentle bending) to hold down plants in the spaces you want. Just remember that after you tie down a part of the plant, it will immediately start turning up and towards the light.

After the base of the manifold has been created, the grower uses it to create several bud sites on each side. As the cannabis plant grows out, this structure results in several evenly sized main “colas” (or main stems where buds form). This is opposed to a naturally grown marijuana plant, which will usually produce just one main cola indoors.

I trained this plant according to this tutorial and was able to harvest 6.2 ounces on a single 2 foot tall plant!

Give your plant one last minimal cleanup before the switch to flowering, remove large fan leaves

3 weeks after switch to 12/12 – Before Defoliation

Not for Auto-Flowering Strains of Cannabis

A “manifold” means all branches come from a single point at the base of the plant. This happens when the plant’s main stem is split in two at a young age (full instructions below).

Manifold growing weed

How much extra time does main-lining take compared to letting the plant grow naturally?

After waiting for the 8 mains to grow out a bit, you can prune / top again for 16 mains, like this plant

I only use the Scrog technique when growing a Sativa dominant strain (as these tend to make lots more secondary branching and “fill out” more than Indica-dominant straains). I always allow the plant to have some time to stretch and really fill out under the net before I initiate flowering.

When you FIM the plant, you do get 4 main colas, but these come from 2 different nodes on the plant.

Answer by Nugbuckets:

Notice how in the main-lining example, all the colas originate from a single node on the trunk, like the trunk was split directly in two. This is the result of topping. This even split is one of the central principles of main-lining.

Are these the 4 new mains?

I’ve posted images below of your pictures with illustrations of what I’m asking. Am I on the right track?

the more you Main-Line, the more you will learn exactly when the plant is ready to be pruned and bonded….one must watch the plant very closely for her to tell you when she is ready to be pushed….