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marijuana bush growing

Marijuana bush growing

Knowing what factors are involved and what they entail before you start growing is vital to success. Rather than scrambling in the middle of the vegetative stage or flowering phase to try to incorporate strategies or mitigate disasters, when it is likely too late in the game, it’s best to plan ahead.

Plan Your Grow Carefully

Test your water source ahead of time. Know what the pH level of the water is so that you know if it needs to be adjusted. Be aware that most city water has chlorine and other additives in it. Research what goes into your local water and take measures to mitigate what’s in it as much as possible.

Picking The Right Cannabis Strain

The foundation of a cannabis plant is its root base. The larger the root base, the larger the plant. The healthier the root base, the healthier the plant. How a cannabis plant grows and how healthy all of the parts of the plants in your garden will ultimately be determined by the plant’s root base. If you want to grow big, you need a solid base.

Marijuana bush growing

Extra light will help the plant will grow quickly, as it stores energy into its leaves and stems. The result will be a big plant — but when you want it to flower, it's time to turn out the lights.

You might worry that cutting back on the water would limit your plant's growth. But Caplan found that a little water stress during the flowering stage doesn't affect the amount of flowers you harvest.

Tip #1: If you want buds, turn out the lights

For more potent buds, cut back on the fertilizer once your plants start to flower.

Here are Caplan's top tips for growing quality cannabis on your own — provided you'll be able to, depending on where you live.

Tip #3: Any old dirt won't do

"Having three leaves compared to two leaves had the same rates of rooting success, but had a higher quality roots," he said.