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marijuana grow closet

Marijuana grow closet

Lately, there’s a trend where manufacturers advertise powder-coated bars in their grow tents, boosting the overall impression of quality. Even though it might seem like a good thing, it can often be a good way to hide rust, which is your enemy.

15” Tall x
24” Wide x
15” Deep

Without a proper foundation, your plants aren’t going to thrive. You can do everything else with the utmost care but fail because you’ve selected bad indoor stealth grow box for your ganja. Today I’m going to teach you how to avoid this mistake, by selecting the best grow box for your needs and evaluate everything important.

Great zippers



A quality frame & construction which is easy to assemble

34.75″ Tall x 16.5″ Wide x 11.25″ Deep

The quality of a grow cabinet and its performance depends on its cover. Without a proper cover, you’ll have light leaks and uneven light exposure on your plants, which is a big no-no if you want results. A typical quality grow box cover is made out of three layers:

If you’d like to start growing cannabis, but only have a limited space to do it in, then you may wish to consider a closet grow!

Choice of Light

In a tiny space, you’re unlikely to need a 1000W HPS.

Choice of Medium & Nutrient Delivery

Also, if you wish to grow using organic nutrients, it’s harder (although not impossible) to use them in most hydro systems.